Please join us for an artist's reception on Thursday October 24th, 2019. Time:7-8:30 PM at the Blue Cow Cafe in Downtown Big Rapids!! Some of Mr. Rundquist's creations will be on display.

Mr. Rundquist also has art on display at Artworks in downtown Big Rapids.


All of the paintings in these art pages are handmade originals by Tom, the following three pictures are available in a limited edition, poster or t-shirt. Art Dealers! - The originals and/or a complete edition of signed/numbered prints of any original is open for bid.

On the Art Information Exchange market for signed/numbered prints, the three works below all sell at over $180 each with respect to the 200 copies S/N editions.

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Kundalini 11x17
©2001 Thomas J. Rundquist
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