The Erotic Cyclic Forecast is the "Dow Industrial" of Love.

The forecast was designed by a marriage counselor that has 30 years of experience in marriage and family improvement counseling.

Fund Indicator

The Erotic Cyclic Forecast's fund indicator is like the Dow, except for helping couples' love activities. The ECF is the indicator of love, helping predict when a mate will be sexually more receptive, based on 30 years of counseling files.

The ECF also helps businesses (restaurants, resorts, bars, etc.) predict when they will be most profitable and when to have more employees scheduled to handle the crowd. This helps the bottom line.


Dealership salesmen can sell this service to businesses, media, or marriage counselors. In the case of media as entertainment, radio or television stations could announce a prediction.

An Erotic Cyclic Forecast dealership is available for $10,000. This dealership is limited to one per state to ensure success. Your organization can sell dealerships or direct services within your state.


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